Joygram Social Welfare Society

From The Desk of Secretary

Dear Friends,
We are continuously on the way of community development from last 5 years. I am very pleased that, JOYGRAM SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY is extremely delighted present its “Annual Report” 2016-2017 had been a year of expansion and consolidation at the same time. Expansion in terms of new areas and covered mostly outreach, in terms of more number of distress and needy people served, in terms of more and more number of patients and more number of disease covered, in terms of diversification of our socio-economic and educational activities apart from health, poverty and gender equity. It is also high time that we concentrate on consolidation, overhauling, renovating and recharging the JOYGRAM SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY the mammoth machinery of immense social and philanthropic activities through more integration activities with goals and spirits of our journey. 
In fine on behalf of the Governing Body, I would like to sincerely thanks & gratitude to all well-wishers, co-operators and also to organizer who helped us. Your helps, boons, inspirations are source of our strength and activities. We hope that with your help and support; we will continue to bring comfort, solace and empowerment to the afflicted, deprived and dispossessed. May almighty reward all the honorable donor, supports and well wishers.
With the best of rewards