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The programs motivate and create the feeling to take part in these sports programs. People become health-conscious and try to remain fit and stay healthy for as long as possible. These specific sports programs are usually organized by the federations, state government, NGO etc. to create health consciousness among the people and take part in health-related sports programs.

Give Food Save live

Hunger Prohibition

We distributed food among the needy, homeless because everyone was under lockdown as a precautionary measure against the spread of COVID-19. The food was distributed by volunteers and they took all precautionary measures. Those who worked in the unorganized sector, migrant workers and the needy should have access to food, and kitchens have been set up for mass cooking if needed.

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Environment & Disaster Response

Many times nature shows its resentment when we face floods, earthquakes, storms. And we suffer financially and personally. Whenever it happens we try to stand by those people who suffer in that rage. By doing this relief camp we serve them, although not completely, we help them to put a smile on their face. Also at this devastating stage of Covid-19, we have served more of the helpless by our relief camp even in this situation.

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Child Protection(Cloth Distribution)

Giving clothes to a helpless unclad person is just not to remove his shame by donating clothes you will be able to promote to beautiful personality. Shame is a mortal’s wealth and by protecting that wealth you can keep it mentally and healthily healthy at least a little bit. That is why we have taken the initiative to provide clothes to the helpless. So that everyone can express themselves beautifully, mix with everyone else.
Especially every year on the occasion of Durga Puja, Eid and special events, new clothes are given to disabled, elderly men and women, widows and common people

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Child Protection

For child protection, Joygram Social Welfare Society conducts various activities such as education, health treatment, various sports, awareness programs, child food distribution, awareness camps on child trafficking etc. Various awareness programs are conducted to stop child labor. Various measures are always adopted for child protection of children with disabilities.

Education & Skill DEvelopment


We are running a Special School for the Disabled at Joygram , North 24 Parganas catering to the educational needs of the Hearing Impaired, Mentally Retarded, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and vulnerable children. At present we have a total of 65 differently able students on our roll. We are imparting quality education and training to the differently able students through well thought our planning under the guidelines of RCI. We provide School Uniform, Tiffin, Educational Kits, Stipend etc. under this Program. All our Special Teachers are qualified, experienced and Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) certified. Education is a necessity and everyone irrespective of caste, class, religion and color have equal right over it and everyone should also get equal opportunity. JSWS main goal is to bring everyone to the courtyard of education and to completely eradicate illiteracy. Our Organization is also running a School under the name “Gyan Prodeep Pratibandhi Ashram and School” (GPPAS)

Education & Skill DEvelopment

Community Based Rehabilitation

Our Organization also provides Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR). Our Special Teachers and staff do regular home visits to cover all students who reside in far off places and due to their physical problems are irregular or unable in attending school. This Program has immense potential as there are many children residing in remote places where there were no Special School for differently able children but due to inadequate funds we are unable to undertake this Program to its full potential. We are very much interested to provide full fledged Community Based Rehabilitation in remote areas once we get regular and sufficient financial assistance. Rural Community Based Rehabilitation Program Our Rural Community Based Rehabilitation Program is based at Joygram of North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. Its focus is to facilitate the creation of a responsive community and development of inclusive services, which fulfill the rights of persons with disabilities. It works in 60 villages and in the Rural areas. Presently 103 persons with disability and their families are part of the program. twenty five persons with disabilities were identified this year


Skill Development

Education is an important matter which helps us to grow and gain knowledge; we provide educational training to the youths and children. Education is gaining more and more important in today’s competitive scenario not only in an academic way but also in other extracurricular activities. Our organization has distributed various educational kits and exercise books to poor kids. We have also organized education awareness programs. In which people were made aware of education.

Health Welfare Work

Blood Donation Camp, Thalassemia and Blood Group Detection Camp

In times of emergency often people find it difficult to get blood since they do not know their blood group. Therefore it was a great help for them. We try to motivate people by donating blood. To provide Medical Aid to the needy community members, a blood donation awareness campaign was arranged by our organization. During the campaign, we have examined the Blood Group of School going students, local people. Local formal and informal leaders were very much interested in making the program a success.

Health Welfare Work

Health Checkup Camp

Our medical team reaches remote areas of Sundarbans to spread awareness about health and sanitation. We often organize health care and awareness programs on AIDS, Tuberculosis control, Malaria, Filarial and Diarrhea camps.Health awareness camps are set up in rural areas to provide free health checkups and medicines to the poor and helpless.Free treatment and distribution of medicine to pressure, sugar and general patients every month. Homeopathic treatment and medicines are also provided every week for free. Awareness camps on pros and cons of taking suvida pills are conducted with women from different areas. More than 100 women attend each camp. Each one is given a packet of suvida pills free. From eye examination, distribution of spectacles, cataract surgery, any kind of minor operation for children below 14 years of age is helped through various government and private hospitals in Kolkata

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Computer Traning

Computers are directly or indirectly influencing every aspect of scientific life in the civilized world. From agriculture, business, daily life, medicine to space research, where is there no computer. So some basic knowledge about computers has created a demand among common people. The urge to learn about computers is being noticed among the people. Joygram Social Welfare Society has opened a computer training center for the poor and enthusiastic disabled and children from ordinary families in the area.
Here children of different levels are settled in professional life with training by determining their suitable syllabus. Some are doing more or some are doing various diploma courses.
As a result, an idea has been created about the computers in the area.
Local people and students are very excited and happy to get this training opportunity close to home.
So far, students have received the Rajiv Gandhi Computer Sakhrata Mission certificate by learning computer from Joygram Social Welfare Society’s computer training center


Sewing Training

The word is applied to people’s livelihood. The development of biodiversity on Earth is related to the development of civilizations like two sides of a coin. He plans to live according to his environment and mentality. New occupations are created due to social development, It also disappears. People choose professions according to their ability and hereditary professions are also seen. Apart from patriarchal livelihood in the modern progressive society, women are also successful in various professions. To keep up with the modern needs, the demand for combined income of men and women is increasing gradually. Public private or joint ventures have now enriched the profession diversity. Joygram Social Welfare Society is providing tailoring training to women of SHG groups as per the needs and capacity of the area. Here I have made women self-reliant by teaching cutting and sewing. They participated in the government initiative of making uniforms for government school students.


Water Sanitation and Hygiene

Growing up in a clean and safe environment is every child’s right. Access to clean water, basic toilets, and good hygiene practices not only keeps children thriving, but also gives them a healthier start in life.
Despite COVID-19 putting the spotlight on the importance of hand hygiene to prevent the spread of disease, three billion people worldwide, including hundreds of millions of school-going children, do not have access to handwashing facilities with soap. People living in rural areas, urban slums, disaster-prone areas and low-income countries are the most vulnerable and the most affected.

Health Welfare Work


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Health Welfare Work

Live Lihood

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Tree Plantation

Global warming is a very important matter for the world. Each and every body things how to remove the problem. The scientists are suggested for planting to remove the problem. As a responsible organization the society planted fruits trees, ayurveda medicine plant and mangrove plant at sundarban delta area

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