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“14 years old Karishmakhatun with cerebral palsy has been undergoing physiotherapy for 4 years facilitated by JSWS West Bengal.” thefocous was on improving her daily living skills – brushing teeth, wearing clothes and walking. she now goes to school on her own, she speaks with other children and has made many friends. ‘KarishmaKhatun’s Fathers 40 years old Rajab Gazi a day labour.’

My daughter name is IchmataraKhatun 11 years old, my daughter is suffering from cerebral palsy. My daughter could not walk. My daughter got admission in jsws school in 2018. My daughter is able to walk and eat and toilet due to physiotherapy and daily living at jsws school. IchmataraKhatun’s Father 35 years old DalimGazi a Salon.

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