Cancellations Policy

Cancellations and refunds of specific donations are not available. The donors understand and accept that all donations processed on the website are final, therefore the donor waives the right to claim a refund or return. Joygram Social Welfare Society does not process refunds or reimbursements for amounts donated through the website.

Nevertheless, in case of any concerns or claims about donations made on the site web, donors can contact  Joygram Social Welfare Society, by sending messages in the «Contact» section of the portal. 

Cancellation of periodic donations

As regards the cancellation of periodic donations, the donor should inform  Joygram Social Welfare Society of their intention to cancel periodic donation with the following advanced notice:
– For monthly donations: please inform us at least 15 days before the upcoming date of collection of the following scheduled donation.

To cancel a periodic donation, it is necessary that you communicate with us through email at, allowing the advanced notice timeframe indicated above and specifying in the subject “CANCELLATION OF PERIODIC DONATION”. Joygram Social Welfare Society

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