Mission And Vision

Joygram Social Welfare Society is open to everyone, everywhere who believes in and would like to work for the realization of the ideals of the Society.

Health Of People

Our Mission

Education And Health Development For People With Disabilities And Fostering Them With A Human Touch, Compassionate, In A Hygienic, An Eco-Friendly Environment.

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Our Vision

Specially Disadvantage And Underprivileged Educational Helps In Various Government Facilities Service-Oriented Training And Bring Them Into Main Stream Of The Society. Organizing Various Health Camps For Cost-Free Suitable Medical Treatments. Imparting Training For Computer Applications And Tailoring Training To All Of Them.

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Our Goal

With each other and the partners; in the expression of views and opinions, in work and use of resources, readiness for receiving and giving feedback, for an open and enabling work environment thus enhancing organizational integrity. We aim to achieve educational, social, and economic transformation for all youth and people towards an India where everyone has equal opportunities to access the quality of life.

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Advocacy :

Disability advocacy works to ensure that rights are promoted and protected so that people with disability can fully participate in the community. This is done by:

1. Promoting and upholding the human rights of people with disability

2. Empowering people with disability to make decisions affecting their lives

3. Honouring and valuing the lived experience of people with disability

4. Promoting inclusiveness and accessibility by identifying and addressing barriers

Addressing and preventing discrimination by educating others about the rights of people with disability.

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